We're dedicated to decentralizing fashion resale.

Campgrnds is a Web3.0 title service for fashion. We're a B2B2C SAAS company focused on lowering the barrier of entry into the blockchain space for brands, designers, influencers, and pretty much anyone else selling fashion & merchandise. Our tamper-proof anti-counterfeiting garment tags offer an easy way for brands to connect content, exclusives, and digital property rights to garments. This means that customers no longer have to trust "secret" authentication techniques employed by large resale platforms. Our tags are incorporated into the garment by the brand themselves before the initial sale.

Our mission is to rebuild broken consumer confidence in the fashion resale market as counterfeiting becomes more sophisticated and bots spoil the online customer expirence. Blockchain technologies and the Web3.0 industry have taken a hit when it comes to mass market appeal due to several market downturns, but we're committed to breaking the stigma. Our technology caters to brands by offering their customers a deeper level of brand engagement. What better way to expand brand equity than to create a financial incentive for customers to circulate their garments on the secondhand market. Especially if everyone profits...

Campgrnds is the digital transformation of the fashion industry. We're enthusiastic to bring this innovative solution to market with talented designers, artists, influencers, and brands.

What we are best at

Our Offerings

Tamper-Proof Anti-Counterfeiting Garment Tags
A revenue multiplier for merchandise meant to bring brands closer to their customers.
Platform Subscription
An intuitive suite for clients to manage everything to do with their tagged merchandise, painting a picture of their consumer's habits as their being formed for the first time on-chain.
A way for us to connect with our clients and provide measured solutions and/or assistance to brands unfamiliar with Web3.0

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Our Team

Meet the team on the cutting edge of the fashion industry.

Brandon Webster
(Founder & CEO)

B.S. in Labor Studies & Employment Law from Rutgers University

Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) | Black & Latinos in Tech Initiative Award Winner

Brandon Webster is a tenacious young leader and upcoming entrepreneurial talent in the fashion & Web3.0 industries. A former NCAA Division 1 athlete and youth mentor, his passion for problem solving and streetwear has set him a path to combat counterfeit fashion and revolutionize how young people resell.

Robert Purvy
(Co-Founder & COO)

Executive VP of Product @ Algenesis Materials

Ex-President | AND1
(2007 - 2014)

Global Managing Director of Footwear Development | Reebok (1987 - 1997)

Brand Director | Vans
(2004 - 2007)

Robert Purvy has left his mark on the sneaker industry, having launched signature sneaker lines for Kobe Bryant, SHAQ, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady and more. He's got over 40 years of experience in the sneaker & sportswear industry. His knowledge on the sneaker game is un-rivaled and he's committed to pushing the industry forward no matter where it takes him.

Steve Chang
(Chief Design Officer)

Senior Footwear & Product Designer | Vans
(2003 - 2008)

Agency Director | Cinnadesign (2001 - Present)

Senior Footwear Design Consultant | AND1 - Kairos - TCG Los Angeles - Wolf & Shepard

Steve Chang is a gifted Industrial Designer specializing in footwear, sportswear, and accessories. His detail oriented design process has translated into dynamic partnerships with numerous West Coast brands. He's got nearly 25 years of design experience and is a critical component of Campgrnds, bridging client's visions with reality.

Jon O'Sullivan

Director of Business Development and Partnerships | Project Ark

Director of Business Development | AgroTech Food Security

Senior Advisor | ImpactNFT Alliance

Senior Advisor | I See Maassi Development Initiative

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