Campgrnds, the digital transformation of fashion.

Our Startup in a Nutshell...

What is Campgrnds?

We're a service that enables brands and designers to easily create and tie their NFT collections to their physical merchandise.

Our Mission

We're striving to transform the fashion industry by bridging the gap between physical and digital through a digestible customer experience.

How it works?

It all works through passive read chips sewn into garments and footwear called INDEXED NON-FUNGIBLES™


Fast fashion isn't sustainable, we believe tracing the lineage of merchandise transforms it into an appreciable asset. We're incentivizing creators and brands to create lasting stories. Think authentic secondhand. Think royalties for a lifetime.


With our dashboard, creating an NFT collection is as simple as uploading files and ordering tags for your merchandise. Your customers don't need anything more than a debit card.


Indexed Non-Fungibles™ are collateralized digital assets. The market determines their value. Collect, redeem, resell. Creators retain ownership and communities rest easy knowing the emphasis is on the fashion.

Become an INVESTOR

Learn more about how you can become an apart of our journey to revolutionize the fashion industry forever.